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Lun 26 Fév 2018
Lun 26 Fév 2018
Open all year round

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The Almandin, a gourmet restaurant in Saint Cyprien, 1 star in the Michelin guide


Let’s eat!

Creation and precision

Meal times are always an important moment of the day in any holiday: meet up with family or friends around a table and enjoy a great moment to unwind while discovering the delicious cooking. No one would dream of asking their host for a menu. The same applies here. The Almandin’s chef Frédéric Bacquié, looks forward to welcoming you and to taking you on a thrilling Mediterranean gastronomic journey.

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Frédéric Bacquié

The chef at L’Almandin

Frédéric Bacquié has been a Michelin-starred chef for ten years and cooks using only local Southern produce (local fish, vegetables from the Roussillon plain, spices from the Mediterranean region) and working mainly with local producers. Not only is this approach environmentally-friendly, as it reduces his carbon footprint, but it is also about stating a claim to a true gastronomic identity. In order to preserve and get the best out of the flavours that come from these amazing ingredients, the chef works using precise, elegant combinations, composes incredibly flavoursome jus and reductions and loves to lead his team off into new culinary territory.

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A menu and a single choice: that of the chef!

The Almandin’s menu should be seen as a blank cheque given to the chef. Frédéric Bacquié follows the seasons and his own inspiration as if swept along by the tides and winds. Nature inspires his cuisine, offering its fruits, suggesting combinations and possibilities....The chef then puts all of his talent, experience and creativity to good use to get the most from these products and to fully reveal their delicate flavours. Naturally respectful, he seeks refinement through purity and beauty through truth. The new 2021 menu is a Mediterranean journey, in which fish dishes take pride of place. To the tuna and red mullet, the chef adds horse mackerel and gurnard: the sea is abundant and full of surprises!

Tasty cuisine, a unique region, marvellous proximity

Vegetables, fruit, fish and local meat: the producers are well-known here, with some of them delivering directly to the kitchen,
allowing the chef to select only the finest products when planning his masterpiece for the day.
You can taste this proximity and closeness to nature in the cooking.


L’Almandin, thirty years of gastronomy

The restaurant’s philosophy has not changed since it first opened - gastronomy comes first. With its special “Tables d’Honneur”, L’Almandin has managed to keep food-lovers coming back regularly. Due to its high standards and creativity, the event has set a benchmark which attracts increasing numbers of food aficionados from all over the department, and had been judged worthy of a star from the Michelin Guide for two decades! Although the star was a wonderful reward, the restaurant has not rested on its laurels - it is never seen as an end in itself, but rather as just one step along a path which requires both the chef and his team to show constant vigilance and never let their standards slip. So, when one service ends, they get ready for the next with the same attention to detail and desire to see you enjoy yourselves.

L’Almandin caters for all your needs!

The restaurant L'Almandin welcomes you for lunch and dinner from Wednesday to Sunday (12:00-13:30 and 19:30-21:30)

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On the first Sunday of each month, the chef invites you to a relaxed and gourmet brunch. To be enjoyed with family or friends.
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