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Lun 26 Fév 2018
Lun 26 Fév 2018
Open all year round

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The Île de la Lagune in Saint-Cyprien:
more than a hotel... it’s a giant holiday home!

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From 216 € / night in double room with breakfast included.



At the end of the road…

On the coast at Saint-Cyprien

The small road isn’t a straight one. As it winds its way under the pine trees, it’s so modest that you’ll be asking yourself “is this definitely where we were supposed to turn”? But any doubts soon fade as you cross over the wooden bridge. On the island, a large Mediterranean-style house stands before you, surrounded by the lagoon’s quiet waters and greenery. The nearby seaside town of Saint-Cyprien fades from memory as each second passes. When you arrive in the hall, you’ll be sure of one thing... You’ve finally found that change of scenery you were looking for.


When our place becomes your place

“Take a seat, there’s no hurry”. A smile, a welcome drink and already you’ll be feeling relaxed and at ease. You take the time to discover the lounge with its deep, comfy sofas, comfortable armchairs and colourful rugs. Your eyes take in the decorative scheme, exploring its details, materials, shapes and colours. None of this is dazzling but all of it is delightful. Everything simply feels right here. It’s a vibrant, living environment. You just know that this stay is going to be different. Warm. Intimate.


The Ile de la Lagune: a well-kept secret

It’s a small hotel in Saint-Cyprien. The story of a family and of a rather crazy idea: to create a place where people simply feel good, and a house where they can relax with friends and family, enjoying the passage of time, cut off from the rest of the world. And to hide it all away on an island. It’s a well-kept secret, a memory shared with friends, a half-whispered address, a house where they hand you the keys with a warm smile: “Make yourself at home and enjoy your stay”.

The bedrooms

A yachting or Hamptons-inspired atmosphere

Inside the house, the bedrooms’ decorative schemes are inspired by the prestigious Riva vessels for a yachting-themed atmosphere harmoniously combining wood, white leather and turquoise shades. Each of the 24 “comfort” or “luxury” class bedrooms is bathed in sunlight… including the glazed bathroom. Over in the Newport pavilion, you can enjoy a Hamptons feel, reminiscent of the East Coast of the United States, including a relaxed and stylish decorative scheme, dark wood and light colours, along with a terrace offering a panoramic view over the lagoon…

The Spa: the quest for wellness

The most important thing in life: feeling well. The modern day obsession with keeping up appearances is something which ensures that we often can’t drop the mask, relax and just be ourselves around others. We’re forced to hold back, and to sacrifice our own wellness and sometimes even our own health. The Ile de la Lagune’s spa is a haven of peace, a welcome refuge where you can finally enjoy some “me” time, recover your self-confidence and find the energy to get going again.


L’Almandin Restaurant,
gastronomic excellence

1 star in Michelin Guide since 2018

L’Almandin enjoys a reputation as a gastronomic venue throughout Perpignan and the Languedoc-Roussillon area. The chef, Frédéric Bacquié, favours the Mediterranean terroir and local flavours. The restaurant's approach has won over the Michelin Guide, which has awarded it a star since 2018.

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Explore Saint-Cyprien and the radiant coast

Staying in Saint-Cyprien is a get-away into a preserved environment on the Mediterranean coastline. The unique blend of natural coastline and exceptional hinterland.

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Your stay sea, sex and safe

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