Open all year round
Lun 26 Fév 2018
Lun 26 Fév 2018
Open all year round

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The Île de la Lagune, your spa in Saint-Cyprien (Languedoc-Roussillon)


A spa holiday: the quest for wellness

The most important thing in life wellness and well-being. The modern day obsession with keeping up appearances is something which ensures that we often can’t drop the mask, relax and just be ourselves around others. We’re forced to hold back, and to sacrifice our own wellness and sometimes even our own health. Whether for a day or a weekend, the Île de la Lagune’s spa is a haven of peace, a welcome refuge where you can finally enjoy some quality “me” time, recover your self-confidence and find the energy to get going again.


Enjoy a warm welcome at the beauty centre

We’re always asking ourselves if we’ll find what we’re looking for. If we’ll feel great. If we’ll feel better. You’ll find the answers on the top floor. From the moment the lift doors open and you first encounter Nolwenn’s warm smile, you’ll know the atmosphere is just right: warm, peaceful and relaxing. The beauty centre has been designed to resemble a cosy and brightly lit loft apartment bathed by the Mediterranean sun, where all that matters are your sensations and preferences, and where you can really enjoy taking your time without needing to keep an eye on the clock.

Time is on your side

Here, you don’t wait, you unwind in a blissful atmosphere. You don’t just calm down, you totally let go, and you don’t just rest, you really unplug. You’re not alone, we’re with you. The perfect place to lay down life’s burdens and to enjoy a treatment, achieving a profound degree of wellness, loosening up and relaxing to emerge stronger, more beautiful and simply more “alive”.


Beauty, wellness and the spa:
a woman’s eye and friendly advice

As we all know, the mirror often reflects your own mood or whatever it is you want to see. To go further and to take next step along the road to wellness and beauty, sometimes an observer’s keen eye and helpful advice can be vital. This professional and friendly input comes from women who understand your needs and feelings. Just like trusted friends, they’ll offer you friendly advice, proposing the very best to help you feel better, more beautiful and stronger, ready to face the world and daily life with renewed self-confidence.

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glamour, technology and beauty

Carita is a flagship brand, a showcase in the world of beauty, femininity and feminism: a system based on the “360° beauty” philosophy, including processes and products designed by women for women. A “cosmeceutical” world combining glamour, sensuality and highly effective creams, filters or serums featuring high concentrations of active ingredients. This quality-centric approach combined with an innovative spirit is also found with the Carita beauty equipment range (My Cinetic Left Expert).


The spa at your service

Nolwenn and her team look forward to welcoming you from 9 AM to 1 PM and from 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM for your spa treatments.
The heated swimming pool: the hotel’s rooftop,
the fitness room and the Turkish bath are all open from 9 AM to 8 PM.

The range of treatments
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