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Lun 26 Fév 2018
Lun 26 Fév 2018
Open all year round

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L’Almandin, a gourmet restaurant recognised by the Michelin Guide


On the menu at the gourmet restaurant

The menu of L’Almandin is seasonal, both for the gourmet tasting menu and the daily specials. The restaurant serves up a subtle cuisine where sophistication and elegance never overwhelm the nature of the ingredients and their essential characteristics, because a gourmet restaurant must above all be a shrine to flavour.


The chef, Frédéric Bacquié

After a first internship with Alain Ducasse, Frédéric Bacquié made his debut in the kitchens of L'Almandin. Then he spent three years with Christopher Coutanceau (2* in the Michelin guide), after which he learned to work with fish in particular. Back in the South Mediterranean, he became the chef of the Neptune. It is in these kitchens that he became the youngest starred chef in France, at the age of 26 with his first Michelin badge. He then spent 10 years in the ovens of La Balette (1*) to finally reinvest L'Île de la Lagune of L'Almandin.

Tables of Honour:
gourmet events

Every month,  L'Almandin restaurant holds Tables of Honour. This gourmet event focuses on a theme chosen by the Chef who designs a unique menu for the occasion, just for a weekend. From caviar to truffles, edible flowers, 4-hand menus, and musical themes, the inspiration varies and gives the Michelin-starred chef an excuse to create new dishes, challenge himself and push his creative limits.

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Michelin-starred restaurant
in Languedoc-Roussillon

Since 2018, the gourmet  restaurant has held a star in the Michelin guide, which particularly appreciated the use of local products and recognized the “delicious and masterful” cuisine. Becoming a “starred” chef is always high recognition for a young chef who aims to create a gourmet menu that combines tradition and innovation. It’s also the result of the work of the entire team at L’Almandin restaurant and the Île de la Lagune hotel, who have dedicated


Testimonial: Guy, business manager and foodie

I often come to the L’Almandin restaurant for business lunches, tastings with the gourmet menu in the evening, or on weekends or for private events. I particularly appreciate the understated simplicity of Frédéric Bacquié’s cuisine: his gourmet cuisine is unpretentious and accessible, but you can tell that everything is very precise, perfectly mastered. The cooking is absolutely perfect. It’s the cuisine of a great starred chef! He deserves his Michelin award!

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